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April 8th, 2008

Greetings from Country Goes Huntin' on the Georgia/Alabama Border!

Internet has been kinda spotty but I think I've managed to find a strong signal on the top of this ol' tree stump. A few more dates have been added to the schedule and they are:

May 8th - The Listening Room - Franklin, TN - Listen LIVE on NixaCountry.com
July 18th - Cass County Fair - Pleasant Hill, MO
July 24th - Pickerington Violet Festival - Pickerington, OH
Aug. 5th - Cross Country Trailride - Eminence, MO
Sept. 21st - The Big E - Eastern States Expo - Springfield, MA

In addition, you might have noticed 12 RedMan/Maxim shows appear on the calendar. Now we have been told to mark these events as private....however, if you visit RedMan.com you'll be able to get the exact locations of all the shows.

Before I get eaten alive by vampire moths and stealthy mosquitos who are sneaking into the holes in my jeans I'm gonna head back into the bus.

See ya down the road!


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