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November 22nd, 2007

Greetings of Thanksgiving and salutations from Indiana!

Though we are out on the road today (and away from family and
friends), Preston's family was kind enough to offer us shelter and
more food than you can shake a lightsaber at! We've finished our
first Thanksgiving meal and I think I'm going to go into sugar shock
from the sweetness of the sweet potatoes! I'll tell ya, they were
SOOOO good!

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along thanksgiving blessings to
everyone. You all have been incredibly supportive and for that I am
very thankful! Also, I am thankful that I'm not amongst the yahoos who have already lined up for the Black Friday Fiasco (BFF '07). :-P

Be well and stay safe in your travels this weekend!

See you down the road,


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