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December 13th, 2005

Wow! It's been a heckuva two weeks and I'm finally able to slow down long enough to give you guys a well-deserved update.

Where to begin...

From November 30th to December 5th, I played 9 gigs with the the LoCash Cowboys. Yes, 9 gigs in 6 days! It was absolutely INSANE but I loved every minute of it!

On the 30th we played Tootsie's in Nashville then immediately hopped in the band van to head to Wichita (KS). We arrived approximately 3pm (Thursday) to do a radio remote and short acoustic set for a Toys for Tots Drive for the local radio station and to promote the upcoming Toys for Tots Free Concert on Monday. Following that we played a show that night at Sam's Place and headed to Winfield (KS) after the show. Friday morning I was up at 8am to do a radio interview and acoustic set with the guys. That was then followed up with a college acoustic set + q&a session, a high school pep rally full-band concert, and a show at O'Kelly's in the evening!

it's about this time when any other band would have to stop and catch their breath. However we kept chuggin along (since we were only half done)! Early Saturday we travelled to Jefferson City (MO) for a show that night at Texas T's Saloon and then it was off to Kansas City (MO) on Sunday for the pre-game Tailgate Party for the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Football Game! The experience was amazing but absolutely the COLDEST gig I've ever played. With temperatures in the 20s, I quickly found out that YES you can play fiddle with gloves on! Afterwards we stayed to watch the game, in which KC was victorious over their long-time rivals, the Denver Broncos. After nearly freezing to death, we finally got time to relax in a warm hotel room. This however was short lived as we had to get up early Monday morning and travel BACK to Wichita (KS) for our final show in the run, the Toys for Tots Concert with Zyba and Jason Aldean. Finally after all those shows we travelled close to 13 hours back to Nashville on Tuesday. All in all, the concerts on our 6-day trip met to rave reviews and fantastic crowd response. What can I say, they loved us!

Oh and before I close this email, a big 'Thank You' goes out to all the fans thats came to the shows as well as all the guys (and gals) who helped us out on the run! That means alot to us!

Well until the next email (which looks to be sooner than later)...
God Bless!

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