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February 18th, 2005

Just last week I had the honor of jamming with Dan Terry again...not in Rochester, but down in Tennessee at his church! Now, some of you might know Dan from his many performances at RIT. However, for those who don't know Dan, he is a good friend of mine & great musician I met in Rochester, NY. Only a couple months ago he moved down to my "neck of the woods" to be closer to Music City and his dreams. While in Rochester, I had the honor of laying down a few tracks for him in the studio and I am pleased to announce that one of those tracks can be heard exclusively at ryanjones . net! The song "Jesus You Died For Me" is a true testiment of what the sacrifice of Jesus Christ means. To hear this great song, please visit the MUSIC SECTION.

Since this is typically the slow time of year, there isn't much other news to report but when there is, you can be sure you'll find it hear first!

God Bless,

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