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Troop Flood Relief

As many of you know, Nashville has been hit with what is being called the single-worst disaster since the Civil War. The flooding all over Nashville and the state of Tennessee has been absolutely devastating to countless people and businesses, and unfortunately my house has been among them.

While we were out on the road last weekend, I had to watch the flooding on TV but could not tell if my house was among those affected. Unfortunately, when we got back into Nashville, all roads leading to my place had been blocked off. This was when I realized my house might have been affected. The following afternoon, I was finally able to reach my house only to find it completely devastated. Below are pictures of the aftermath and the cleanup, but sadly they cannot give a complete picture of the amount of damage. Not only was the house flooded with up to seven feet of water, but to make matters worse, the water was composed of sewage.

Over the past two weeks, I've been busy with cleanup, gutting the house, and just trying to get back on my feet after losing almost everything. I think the reality of it sank in when I walked into Wal-Mart the following night after the flood. When all you have is the clothes on your back, and you need everything, the hardest part is trying to figure out what to get first. Through it all, though, I've been blessed with the most awesome friends and family anyone can ask for. I've had help with cleanup, demolition, recovery, and salvation of stuff that was covered with disgusting sewage water.

Sadly, the hardest part, rebuilding, is yet to come. As I posted on Twitter, unfortunately, my insurance will not cover flood damage (because I was not eligible for it); therefore, I will basically be starting from square one. I don't ever like to ask for help, but I have received a barrage of messages asking how everyone can help ... Lord knows I could use it right now. If you wish to help, here are some ways:

Gift Cards: Right now, these would be invaluable!

  • Target, Walmart -- Food/Clothes/Essentials
  • Hot Topic -- Stage Clothes (since I only have one shirt that survived)
  • Converse.com -- Shoes
  • Guitar Center -- Music Equipment
  • Best Buy -- Computer and Electronic Equipment
  • Home Depot, Lowes -- Rebuilding my house

Donations via PayPal: For rebuilding, living expenses, and instrument/equipment repair.

Other Donations:

  • Ryan "Troop" Jones
    PO Box 218458
    Nashville, TN 37221

Though this experience has been absolutely horrific, it has also been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The generosity and support shown throughout Nashville and the rest of the country music community has been unbelievable. It has truly brought out the best in humanity, and this has brought me to tears more times than the loss of my house and possessions.

In closing, I would like to thank those who have helped me with prayers, donations and support, and those who plan to help in the future. I am eternally grateful and in your debt.

God Bless,



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